ESE 2020 Mains Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Conventional Paper I Previous Questions with Solutions

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In UPSC Engineering Services, Conventional Papers have 54.5% weightage in the entire process of written test.

In Paper-I of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering six subjects are included as follows:

01.Network Theory                                                                         02. Analog & Digital Circuits
03.Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation           04. Basic Electronics Engineering
05. Materials Science                                                                      06. Basic Electrical Engineering

Few expected model questions and solutions of Basic Electrical Engineering subject are added in this booklet.
The following approach is advisable to secure maximum marks.

  • The solution to any question shall have the following appropriate steps generally. Steps will also have due weightage.

(a) The data given
(b) The appropriate figure, if applicable, with parts labeled properly
(c) The concept on which the problem is being solved
(d) The relevant formulae with standard notations and abbreviations. Incase the paper setter asks to solve the question from the fundamentals, necessary derivations shall be done. Otherwise 70% of marks one has to lose. If the question carries more marks like 10 to 20 marks detailed analysis is compulsory to score high. If the question carries less marks (<8) the formulae with abbreviations and concept may be sufficient. In any case, the assumptions made shall be written clearly while solving a problem.

  • The neatness and presentation of solutions will have 5% marks.
  • Note that all parts of a question shall be answered together.
  • Using short sentences and brevity in expressing the content is appreciated.
  • Practice of numerical problems using calculator is very much essential instead of reading merely.

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