ESE-2023 Prelims Standards & Quality Practices in Production, construction, Maintenance and Services


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The key factors that are responsible for survival and performance excellence of any industry are customer satisfaction and return on the capital invested. This applies to both manufacturing and service sectors. To avoid intra country and inter country comparisons for products in the market, there arises a need for uniformity in standards, established codes  and procedures for meeting customer expectations. Hence the standards and quality practices play an important role. For this requirement to be met ISO is ensuring equality in the standards of products and services.

ISO is striving relentlessly to institute quality policies to shape the behavior and establish core values in an organization and therefore contribute to corporate policy, control charts. Acceptance sampling systems, continuous improvement techniques are used by every organization throughout the world to improve product quality service quality and reduce cost. The most effective use of these techniques depends upon they being understood by production and inspection supervisors by engineers and by managements.

Rules and regulations for improving quality in all disciplines was documented by quality  guru’s in the quality philosophers, which are advocated through out the world.

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