Telangana Geography, Economic & Social Development & Policies(English Medium)

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Telangana  Geography, Economic & Social Development & Policies has assumed an important role in Competitive Examinations of Telangana State Public  Service Commission. It is difficult for students to cover vast subject like these subject in limited time.

In view of this, a comprehensive study material has been prepared for all aspirants of competitive Examinations of Telangana State Public  Service Commission.

A lot of care has been taken in covering all the topics of Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts & Literature of Telangana which a student can expect a minimum of 09-12 questions. Multiple choice questions are compiled in a way not only to make students evaluate on their own but also sharpen their analytical skills.

I am confident that this edition of the book will prove to be much useful to competitive Examinations of Telangana State Public  Service Commission.

The book contains :

Physical, Social and Economic Geography and Demography of Telangana

  • An Introduction to Telangana State
  • Physiographic Division of Telangana
  • Climate of Telangana
  • River System in Telangana
  • Soils of Telangana
  • Agriculture and allied sector of Telangana
  • Natural Vegetation
  • Demography of Telangana
  • Energy sources of Telangana
  • Mineral sources of Telangana
  • Industries
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism of Telangana
  • National Research Institutions in Telangana
  • Previous questions asked in various Examinations in Telangana

Economic and Social Development of Telangana

  • Macroeconomic Trends
  • Public Finance
  • Welfare
  • Panchayat raj & Pragathi
  • Telangana budget 2022-23
  • Practice Questions on Economic& social Development of Telangana

Policies  of Telangana state

  • Policies of Telangana state
  • Practice questions on Telangana state policies