GATE & ESE – 2023 Engineering Mathematics Previous GATE Questions with Solutions, Subject Wise & Chapter Wise

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This book contains previous GATE questions with solutions in Engineering Mathematics.

By doing through these questions, the student will get a clear idea about the quality and complexity involved in the GATE. All most all the important concepts of the engineering mathematics are covered by these questions. Therefore, it is very important exercise for any student to practice these questions, to get a good rank in GATE.

The style, quality and content of the solutions for previous GATE Questions of Engineering mathematics, will encourage the reader, especially the student whether above average, average or below average to learn the concept and answer the question in the subject without any tension. However, it is the reader who should confirm this and any comments and suggestions would be pleasantly received by the academy.

The student is advised to solve the problems without referring to the solutions. The student has to analyze the given question carefully, identify the concept on which the question is framed, recall the relevant equations, find out the desired answer, verify the answer with the final key such as (a),(b), (c) & (d) then go through the hints to clarify his answer.  This will help to face numerical answer questions, better. The student is advised to have a standard text book ready for reference to strengthen the related concepts, if necessary. The student is advised not to write the solution steps in the space around the question. By doing so, he loses an opportunity of effective revision.

As observed in the GATE -22, Number of sets may be possible, being online exams. Hence don’t skip any subject. All are equally important.

This book is also useful for UPSC ESE (prelims), ISRO and some other state service commission Examinations.

This book can also be used by fresh teachers in Engineering in improving their concepts.

With Best Wishers to all those who wish to go through the following pages.

This Book contains

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Vector calculus
  • Probability & Statics
  • Differential Equations
  • Transform Theory
  • Complex Variables
  • Numerical Methods

Fourier Series