GATE Computer Science & Information Technology Volume II

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“Are you a computer science and information technology enthusiast aspiring to crack the prestigious GATE exam? Look no further! Introducing “”GATE Computer Science & Information Technology (Volume – II)””: Your Ultimate Companion for GATE Exam Preparation

Written by experts in the field, this book is specifically designed to cater to the needs of GATE aspirants in the computer science and information technology domain. It covers all the essential topics and concepts required to excel in the exam and secure a high GATE score.

The syllabus of the book includes
1. Discrete Mathematics
2. Computer Organization
3. Digital Logic
4. Operating Systems
5. Theory of Computation
6. Compiler Design
7. General Aptitude

Whether you are a beginner starting your GATE preparation journey or an experienced candidate looking to fine-tune your knowledge, “”GATE Computer Science & Information Technology (Volume – II)”” is a must-have resource to achieve your desired GATE score.

Don’t let the vastness of the GATE syllabus scare you. With this book in your hand, you can confidently navigate through the exam and become successful. So, gear up, grab your copy of “”GATE Computer Science & Information Technology (Volume – II)”” today, and unlock the doors to a bright and rewarding future in the field of computer science and information technology.”