ESE – 2020 Prelims Basics of Materials Science & Engineering

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This Book is intended to help students to prepare for the topic ‘Basics of Material Science & Engineering’, included as a part of General Studies and Engineering Aptitude for ESE Prelims.

The topics covered give a comprehensive understanding on Crystal structures of materials, Electrical materials, Dielectric materials, Magnetic materials, Nano Materials, Nuclear Materials and Composite Materials. The Testing of Materials including Non-Destructive Testing methods are incorporated. Some recently developed materials are also added to understand the current scenario of newly developed materials such as polymer concrete, Graphene Aero gel etc.

The students are also advised to solve the previous ESE Questions so that they can understand the pattern of questions for better preparation. The concepts and questions are prepared keeping in view the model paper, prelims of ESE 2017 & ESE 2018 by the UPSC.

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