ESE 2019 Mains Mechanical Engineering Conventional Paper I Previous Conventional Questions with Solutions

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In UPSC Engineering Services, Conventional Papers have 54.5% weightage in the entire process of written test.

In Paper – I of Mechanical Engineering four subjects are included as follows:

  1. Thermal Engineering
  1. Heat Transfer
  1. Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery
  1. Renewable Sources of Energy

The following approach is advisable to secure maximum marks.

  • While solving any question the following appropriate steps should generally be followed. Steps will also have due weightage.
  • Mention the data given
  • Draw the appropriate figure, if applicable , with parts labelled properly
  •  State the concept on which the problem is being solved
  • Write the relevant formulae with standard notations and abbreviations.
  • Incase the question is to be solved from the fundamentals, necessary derivations should be done. Otherwise 70% of marks one has to lose. If the question carries more marks (like 10 to 20 marks) detailed analysis is compulsory to score high. If the question carries less marks (<8) the formulae with abbreviations and concept may be sufficient. In any case, the assumptions made shall be written clearly while solving a problem.
  • The neatness and presentation of solutions will have 5% marks.
  • Using short sentences and brevity in expressing the content is appreciated.

Practice of numerical problems using calculator is very much essential instead of reading merely.

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