ESE / GATE / PSUs Numerical Ability, Theory & self practice questions

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The study material for Numerical Ability is thoroughly revised this year to meet the requirements of all categories of students. It consists of
(i) Brief synopsis covering the entire syllabus
(ii) Worked out examples, concept wise
(iii) Practice questions with detailed solutions

The students are advised to go through the theory duly understanding the worked out examples to the extent possible and practice the questions, By doing so, the students will get familiarized with some of the concepts and can really enjoy the lecture in the class. Also, the students can interact with the faculty in a better way.

After attending the classes and understanding the typical questions explained by the professors, the students will be in a position to solve these questions in work book. However, for verifying the correctness, Hints/solutions are also given wherever required. The student is advised to struggle to get the solution for the problems in the work book by self analysis and not to refer the solution first.

Thanks to all Professors who extended their services in the preparation of this booklet.
It is believed that this volume is also a valuable aid to the students appearing for competitive exams like ESE, ISRO, State and Central Commissions and other PSUs.


GATE/PSUs Verbal Ability, Theory with Self Practice Questions

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Dear Students,

The style quality and content of this book it is believed, will encourage the reader, especially the student whether above average, average or below average to learn the concept and answer the question in the subject without any tension. However it is the reader who should confirm this and any comments and suggestions would be pleasantly received by the Academy.

Thanks to all professors who extended their valuable services in the subjects of this Volume.

It is believed that this Volume is a Valuable aid to the students appearing for competitive exams like ESE, DRDO, ISRO and Other PSUs.